2012 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

The 2012 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship was one for the ages. Thanks to our dedicated volunteer staff and world-class judging crew, things ran smoothly without the need to power up the lights at AT&T Field.

As usual, we had Ray Lowman to crack the MadDog whip and help keep things running smoothly during our week-long disc-dog “joy fest.” Also lending a hand were a veritable army of volunteers including, Judges — Mark Jennings, Ray Lowman, Jeff Stanaway, Hiro Sekiguchi, and Greg Perry, and our Support Staff — Frank Buckland, Val Buckland, Brittany Bundren, Gavin Cox, George Freeman, David Gosch, Bob Griggs, Mel Griggs, Dan Hubner, Candie Killbourne, Frank Montgomery, Nancy Noel, Larry Peas, Wayne Ramsey, Matt Repko, Randy Scoggins, Jeff Stanaway, Angie Stanaway, Kara Steffenson, Swannee Swainston, David Turrentine, Carolyn Williams, Courtney Williams, Peter Williams, and Sally Zinkhan.

The Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship week got underway a day late as we took advantage of our free day to outmaneuver Mother Nature and wait for dryer weather. We used the rain day to our advantage and scheduled an emergency inspection of the Moccasin Bend Microbrewery where about 75 disc doggers and their peeps enjoyed a sampling of some of Chattanooga’s best beer “varietals.” The next day, under sunny skies that would last the rest of the week, we attacked our Last Chance Qualifiers and Xtreme Distance and DiscDogathon World Championships with vigor. Both events were held at the expansive Camp Jordan Park Ultimate Fields. We had a healthy turnout of big throwers and skilled DiscDogathon competitors. When the fur stopped flying, we crowned a bevy of DiscDogathon and Xtreme Distance World Champions and set some new world records to boot.

Xtreme Distance World Champions

Classic Plastic Men’s: Robert McLeod & Davy

Classic Plastic Women’s: Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz & Towser

Light Plastic Men’s: David Gosch & RA-Kin

Light Plastic Women’s: Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz & Killian

MicroDog Men’s: Timothy Geib & Auggie

MicroDog Women’s: Sally Zinkhan & Jelly

Unlimited Plastic Men’s: Robert McLeod & Davy

Unlimited Plastic Women’s: Sally Zinkhan & Laddie

DiscDogathon World Champions

Bullseye: Frank Montgomery & Chicklet

Freestyle: Theresa Brantly & The Zen Master

Pairs Distance/Accuracy: David Gosch/Blake Kilbourne & Hippie Chick

Spot Landing: Christopher Brownlee & The Cake

TimeTrial: Carolyn Williams & Steele

After competition concluded on Thursday, Skyhoundz World Finalists were treated to the ever-popular competitor’s “Meet and Greet” at the McKamey Animal Center where scores of family, and friends enjoyed fine food, drinks and tours of one of the most amazing canine adoption facilities in the world. The McKamey Shelter does incredible work but struggles nevertheless to make ends meet, so, if you are looking for a worthy cause, we hope you’ll think of them. This year, thanks to all of you, we are thrilled to report that McKamey raised more than $2,000 in donations at the Worlds! We’ll work hard to do even better next year.

On Friday, the Skyhoundz Classic Last Chance Qualifier, or, as some call it, the “Little World Championship,” was staged at Camp Jordan. The SCLCQ is, as the name suggests, the final opportunity for teams to earn invitations to the Skyhoundz Worlds and it was jam packed with talent. Running two fields simultaneously, more than 210 unique teams competed in approximately 302 competitive rounds. The final invitations to the Skyhoundz Classic World Championship were extended as follows:

MicroDog Division:

Theresa Brantly & Dallas

Angel Koster & Indigo

Kirby Mcllveen & Spirit

Lawrence Frederick & Hyper Hyzer

Open Division:

Tracy Custer & Bolt

Jason Rigler & The Kai Bear

Lawrence Frederick & Easy Rider

Angelo Marinakis & Mojo

Pairs Freestyle Division:

Preston Dean/Mark Muir & Gipper

Don Blewett/Sue Joy & Flirt

Reid/Mackenzie Alexander & Case

Theresa Brantly/Autumn Trainor & The Zen Master

Sport Division:

Mark Muir & Gipper

Jeff Scheetz & Killian

Mike Dillon & KT

Mark Vitullo & Lulu

Jeff Scheetz & Towser

Tracy Custer & Courage

Youth Division:

LylaClare Kosobucki & Buckeye

Ellie Stivers & Presto-Change-O

Mackenzie Alexander & Case

Mackenzie Alexander & Rally

On Saturday, the weather was ideal as the big guns in the Open Division, and the awesome kids of the Youth Division, amazed and delighted the crowd of spectators. In a repeat of 2011, the girls killed it. Pennie Mahon (with Psyche) and Courtney Williams (with Cir-El), respectively, became the second consecutive female Open Division and Youth Division Skyhoundz World Champions. We’re wondering if the men may be feeling a bit like dinosaurs at this point. Here’s how the podiums looked at the end of the day.


Pennie Mahon & Psych

Tracy Custer & Siren

Lawrence Frederick & Easy Rider


Courtney Williams & Cir-El

Ellie Stivers & Presto-Change-O

LylaClare Kosobucki & Elsee

The Gathering of Champions Awards Banquet was huge as usual with more than 200 disc doggers, family, and friends in attendance. In addition to recognizing our new world champions and our dedicated staff, we also anointed Northwest legend and “golden-throated warbler,” Swanee Swainston, as the latest recipient of the coveted Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award. Swanee is beloved by all and much deserving of recognition for his efforts over the years. We also paid homage to the dedicated translators who helped us with translations of our free digital training book entitled “Disc Dogs Rock!”

Translators receiving Hyperflite Hero Awards were:

Esteban Auzqui, Daniela Barleand, and Carla Zinga (Spanish)

Jürgen Bartz (German)

Kata Kerényi (Hungarian)

Hiromi Orihara (Japanese)

Sven Van Driessche (Dutch)

The world’s largest disc dog sheet cake, featuring a silhouette instantly recognizable to all, was no match for our hungry banquet attendees! The banquet is always our favorite part of the Worlds though it was a little bittersweet looking down on AT&T Field for the last time. On the other hand, our anticipated semi-top secret venue for the 2013 World Championship will knock your socks off! Don’t worry, it’s still in Chattanooga and we will officially announce that location in March, 2013.

On Sunday, we ran two fields, simultaneously, which gave us a relatively easy and relaxed day. The Pairs Freestyle teams rocked the house with incredible displays of showmanship and disc handling skills. Future stars Reid and McKenzie Alexander held the lead at the end of the first round thanks to a near perfect round featuring more than 25 tricks and tosses, before fading a bit in the second round. The MicroDog teams didn’t disappoint either and the little rascals are always crowd favorites! The Sport Division saw it’s first international world champion in nearly a decade and was competitive as usual. A crowd of spectators hung around until the very last disc was snatched from mid-air. Below are the results from the MicroDog, Pairs Freestyle, and Sport Divisions:

MicroDog Division:

Lee Fairchild & Gracie

AJ Brown & Mavewrick

Jack Fahle & Spice

Pairs Freestyle Division:

Jim/Michelle Thomas & Spencer

Lee Fairchild/Chris Meyers & Dora

Lawrence/Jodi Frederick & Jumpin Jaxson

Sport Division:

Jozsef Zsiros & Seesco

Jason Rigler & Huckleberry

Chuck Middleton & BamBam

The after-competition party at River Street Deli was the perfect way to wind down after five straight days of competition. Bruce’s delicious sandwiches are a culinary high point of the trip and the deli was packed as usual. As the crowd dwindled down to less that a dozen intrepid disc doggers, none of whom wanted the night to end, I think the feeling was unanimous that the 2012 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship week was, again, the best we’ve ever staged. We’ll do our best to make it even more special next year. Finally, to all those who took their valuable time to attend Skyhoundz World’s Week, and support our efforts, please know that were it not for you, the Hyperflite and Skyhoundz organizations wouldn’t exist.

Finally, a special thanks to Zuke’s treats, a product sponsor of this year’s World Championship. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook and let all your friends know about their treats. We hope to have them back next year and you can help us in that regard.

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