2004 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

The weather was nearly perfect for the 2004 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship held on Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. The World Championship was preceded by our final qualifying event of the year the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Open Qualifier.

For the Open Qualifier we had an excellent turnout that included participation from 14 dog and disc clubs and numerous non-affiliated competitors. In all, there were 110 competitive entries including more than 50 teams in the Sport Division alone. Records were set, personal bests were achieved and competitors battled fiercely, though with smiles on their faces, for the final invitations to this year’s Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship. In the end, the women ruled the day and totally dominated their male counterparts, some of whom begged us to add a “men’s” division to next year’s Skyhoundz series.

In the Open Division, invitations were extended to Tracy Custer and “Five,” Autumn Trainor and “Nevi,” Theresa Musi and “Ciela Azule,” and Susan Markham and “The Mighty Carolina Hurricane.”

Sport Division qualifiers included Ed Jakubowski and “Dasher,” Jeff Stanaway and “Colby,” Robert Van Hoy and “Storm,” and Mark Gose & “Gretchen.”

Finally, in the MicroDog Class, invitations were extended to Amy King and “Bogey,” and Susan Jones and “Whoopin Roo.”

On Saturday, 22 Open Division World Finalist teams were treated to gentle breezes and a temperature in the low 80’s.

After the dust settled, Bob Evan’s and “Nick” took home their second Skyhoundz World Championship title. Finishing only three and one-half points behind in second place, were Chris Vitale and “Bear.” In third place, a mere half point behind the second place team, were Todd Duncan and “Levi.”

During the course of the day, spectators were treated to exciting Pairs Freestyle demonstrations by two very talented teams; Ron Watson/Craig Rogers and “Whiplash” and Jim Foley/Janet Horning with “Ducie Ann.” The pairs event is exciting to watch and incredibly fun for canines. This event may well find its way into next year’s Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship. Stay tuned for more details!

Later that evening competitors, family and friends “flew off” to the Awards Banquet for some good food and fellowship. One of the highlights of the evening was a skydiving exhibition put on by World Finalist Aaron Abrahamson, who called his shot and made a perfect landing right next to the “Hyperflite hangar.” In addition, the evening was filled with plentiful and witty repartee facilitated by cold libations and a certain purple “gift” that shall remain a closely guarded and cherished Hyperflite memento.

A very special announcement was made at the banquet regarding the establishment of a new canine disc scholarship program created to benefit deserving disc-doggers and honor Peter Bloeme for his more than 20 years of hard work and dedication to canine disc sports.

On Sunday, the weather was a bit breezier but still ideal for competition. Sixteen Sport Division competitors jockeyed for the world title in pitched competition. After a very exciting final round, Larry Beatty and “Bowditch” claimed the Sport Division World Championship with a three round total of 45 points. Finishing in second place with 40 points, was last year’s Open Division World Champion, Jeff Stanaway, with his dog “Colby.” In third, only one-half point back, was Robert Van Hoy and “Stormy.”

Then came the little dogs with the big hearts, the MicroDogs, who, for the first time in canine disc history, competed for their own World Championship title. Georgia resident Todd Duncan and his mixed-breed dynamo “Levi” carried the day and became the first Hyperflite Skyhoundz MicroDog World Championship team. Long-time competitors Michael and Susan Jones gave new meaning to the phrase “keeping up with the Jones” by finishing second and third, respectively.

Finally, the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Club Cup, together with the bragging rights appurtenant thereto, was awarded to Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs, affectionately known as MAD DOGS. The Club Cup will remain in the possession of the MAD DOGS, at least until next year’s World Championship when it will be awarded to the next Club Champion, should MAD DOGS not repeat.

Several Skyhoundz records were established, or broken during this three day event and may be viewed here.

Our congratulations and thanks go out to all of the competitors who participated in the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Open Qualifier and World Championship. We would not be in this business were it not for your love of this sport and obvious affection for your canines.

For sensational Freestyle demonstrations on Saturday and/or Sunday, we applaud (and we hope we aren’t forgetting anyone) Ron Watson, Craig Rogers, Jim Foley, Janet Horning, Theresa Musi, Autumn Trainor, Kathy Kylis, Frank Montgomery, Mike McKenzie, and Tracy Custer.

Finally, to our staff, including Mike Miller, Nancy Noel, Jay Moldow, Marjorie Perry, Angie Perry and to our “conscripted” staff, including, among others, Ray Lowman, Ed Jakubowski, and David DeMent we deeply appreciate your help and support.

Thanks again to all for the special memories.

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