Rescue Organizations

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Rescue Organizations

It saddens us that there are so many great dogs in the world that don’t have forever homes. As such, we are going to put together a page (here) to try and help find homes for some of these great dogs.

We are often asked where someone can get a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Belgian Malinois, etc. so they can get involved in canine disc sports. Our answer has always been that you don’t need a specific breed of dog (big or small) to get involved in the sport and there are many great mixed breeds that have been successful in the sport (even winning World Championships). However, if your heart is set on a specific breed of dog and you have done research to become familiar with its strengths/weaknesses/positives/negatives, there are many humane societies and rescue organizations that have great dogs available for adoption.

As such, we will be adding information and links to this page to help you on your journey.

And, if you come across a dog you feel will be great for the sport that needs adoption, we will have resources here for you too!

Humane Societies / Animal Shelters

If you are looking for a great dog to adopt and aren’t looking for a specific breed, we will have resources available for you here too.


The listings and links on this page are simply provided to help you make intelligent decisions / informational purposes and are, in no way, endorsements of any kind.