Top 10 Myths About Canine Disc Sports

Myth 1: Food treats are the only way to teach a dog to play with the disc.
Truth: Food treats are almost never used to teach a canine to catch and retrieve a flying disc. The only reward your dog will need…is another throw from you!

Myth 2: Flying discs are expensive and don’t last long.
Truth: In the early days of the sport, discs were viewed as disposable, but that philosophy proved costly for many enthusiasts. Owners of the hardest-biting dogs might go through hundreds of discs per year. However, with the introduction of Hyperflite’s Jawz disc — the world’s toughest canine competition disc — even the toughest biting canines can now enjoy canine disc play affordably.

Myth 3: Canine disc competitions are money-prize oriented.
Truth: When money enters the equation, some will be tempted to act in a manner that is not always in the best interest of their canines. Skyhoundz has never, and will never, give money prizes at its canine disc competitions.

Myth 4: It’s easy to earn a living as a canine disc pro.
Truth: Although a few folks are successful at converting their hobby into an occupation, we always advise competitors (even our World Champions) not to quit their day jobs. Living on the road and finding enough work can offer more challenges than most are willing to endure.

Myth 5: Border Collies make the best disc dogs.
Truth: As smart and athletic as this breed is, Border Collies are working dogs that require constant attention. Neglect them and they will find “less-than-constructive” ways to entertain themselves. Families with children will find the kiddie herding and nipping instincts of BC’s to be intolerable.

Myth 6: There’s no opportunity for youngsters to compete.
Truth: The Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship now includes a Youth Division for youngsters 15 and under. Twelve pre-qualified Youth Division teams competed at the 2010 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship. The competing youngsters, both boys and girls, ranged in age from 3 to 15.

Myth 7: Purebred canines are superior to animal shelter mutts.
Truth: Mutts are every bit as capable of winning a World Championship title as purebred canines. Many have done just that. In fact, one of Hyperflite’s Co-founders, Jeff Perry, won the World Championship with a mixed-breed animal shelter adoptee named Gilbert!

Myth 8: Canine disc competitions are expensive and never conveniently located.
Truth: In the past decade, Hyperflite has sponsored more than 1,000 Skyhoundz canine disc competitions as part of the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series and most Skyhoundz competitions are free. There is probably one coming to a town near you!

Myth 9: You can’t earn canine disc titles like you can in Agility, Flyball, or Dock Diving.
Truth: In 2011, Skyhoundz will introduce competition titling at all Skyhoundz canine disc competitions. Now, in addition to winning trophies or medals, you can earn Skyhoundz Competition Titles for your four-legged friend.

Myth 10: My dog doesn’t have what it takes to be a World Champion.
Truth: Any dog can be a World Champion. There are many canine disc World Championship formats available to the modern canine athlete (DiscDogathon, MicroDog, Open, Sport, Youth, and Xtreme Distance). With patience, perseverance, and practice, every dog has a realistic chance to be a World Champion.

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