New Hyperflite Invention has Disc Dogs Jumping for Joy!

Hyperflite, maker of state-of-the-art flying discs for dogs, is taking canine discs to the next level with the introduction of its patent-pending X-FlashTM Anti-Glare Technology. X-Flash is designed to eliminate canine misses caused by the sunflash phenomenon. Never heard of sunflash? Well, that’s only because your canine can’t talk!

A sunflash occurs when sunlight reflected from the top of a flying disc briefly blinds a pursuing canine an instant before the canine can make a catch. The usual result is a missed disc. This previously unrecognized phenomenon was discovered by Hyperflite Co-Founder and World Champion Jeff Perry and confirmed while Perry was researching and writing Disc Dogs! Compete and Win!

If you want to reproduce a sunflash yourself, it’s pretty simple. Just take your favorite disc outside on a sunny day and hold the disc at an angle that reflects sunlight back toward your face. That’s the sunflash! When you perform this simple test, it’s easy to imagine how a sunflash could cause a pursuing canine to miss a catch that, normally, would be routine. If the reflected sunlight blinds you, or leaves a sun artifact in your eye when you look away, then you can assume the impact will be even greater on your canine. That’s because canines have more light gathering power by virtue of their larger night-vision oriented pupils and lenses. The impact of reflected sunlight on canine vision will naturally be greater.

Don’t let sunflash spoil your canine’s great routine! Stack the odds in your favor with Hyperflite’s revolutionary X-Flash technology.

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