Dog Flew Pandemic Sweeping the Globe

Dog owners around the world are experiencing a global Pawdemic and it’s called the Dog Flew. No canine is immune from infection with this bug.

Symptoms of the Dog Flew include, a pronounced ability to fly (caninus aerialis); a crazed look of delight (discus berzerkus); a lack of interest in normal canine toys (plasticus exclusivus); a sudden cessation of destructive tendencies (behavioris normalis); and the formation of a glue-like bond between owner and canine (Elmer’s Syndrome).

Identification of the Flew bug is straightforward and can easily be made even by children — Mommy look…the ‘dog flew,’ etc. If you suspect the Dog Flew do not panic. Although there is no effective cure for the Dog Flew, regular canine disc play supplemented with an occasional canine disc competition, will return your pet to top form.

The Dog Flew was first discovered in the mid-1970s, by Dr. Alex Stein who isolated the first known victim of the Dog Flewand performed experiments to identify the full course of the bug. The Dog Flew has spread around the globe owing to the fact that canines have no natural immunity to the bug.

The CDC (Center for Disc Canines) at Hyperflite headquarters, in Roswell, Georgia has implemented a Code Orange Alert which requires that all owners of athletic canines attend a Hyperflite Skyhoundz Canine Disc Competition as soon as possible to identify and treat possible Dog Flew infections. For a list of infection identification sites, click here.

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