2007 Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to Ray Lowman
Presentation Address given by Jeff Perry Skyhoundz Award Banquet
September 22, 2007

Some people become involved in canine disc sports deliberately while others join the sport quite by accident. One such happy accident has been a blessing for canine disc aficionados in the Eastern U.S. The accident was the impetus for the involvement of one very dedicated man who, tonight, becomes the latest individual to receive a Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award.

Twelve years ago, the agility club that was originally set to stage an Alpo local contest, backed out of the event at the last moment. Without hesitating, tonight’s honoree stepped forward and staged the contest himself. Although he was but a novice disc dogger at the time, he had great organizational skills by virtue of his involvement in the staging of other human and animal sports competitions. After that first canine disc event, he was hooked. Very quickly, he began to stage other ALPO events. Next came Skyhoundz Locals, Regionals, DiscDogathons and myriad other contests for other organizers.

In addition, he was a founding member of one of the youngest, but still the most competitively-successful disc dog clubs in the world,

having won the Skyhoundz Club Cup twice in three years. Mr. Organization would be an appropriate title for this dog-loving, contest-organizing, machine.

But he is so much more than that. Although he only occasionally competes, like other recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, he is something of a Johnny Appleseed for canine disc sports. Our honoree travels all over the northeastern U.S., and, occasionally to other countries, to help other disc dog clubs stage contests. He has — for years — organized countless canine disc clinics, charity demonstrations, benefits, and social gatherings. If you ask him…he will come.

In short, this gentleman is precisely the type of dedicated disc dog booster that is most deserving of the Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award. I have no doubt that he will continue to contribute to our sport in the future, just as he already has for so many years. Please join me in congratulating, Mr. Ray Lowman, a true MadDog, and the 2007 recipient of the Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award.

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