Hyperflite Introduces the Jawz Deja Flew

The World’s First Recycled, Puncture-Resistant Canine Disc!

(ATLANTA, OCTOBER 1, 2010) Introducing the world’s first recycled, puncture-resistant canine disc – the Jawz Dèjá Flew. Jawz Dèjá Flew discs are indistinguishable from regular Jawz discs and are nothing less than the toughest recycled discs on planet earth. Jawz Dèjá Flew discs fly just like regular Jawz discs but they’re made with pre- and post-consumer recycled material that includes both Hyperflite’s manufacturing rejects as well as discs received via Hyperflite’s Disc Take-Back Program. Available in two sizes, standard and Pup-sized, Jawz Dèjá Flew discs are just right for every canine.

Green is much more than a slogan at Hyperflite. All of our product packaging is made with recycled paper product, which is fully recyclable. Hyperfite discs and product packaging are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Hyperflite sponsors the Skyhoundz Championship Series which features more than 100 local- level competitions, nine U.S. Qualifiers, five International Qualifiers, a European Championship and the World Championship.

Hyperflite sparked a canine disc revolution when it released the Jawz disc — the world’s toughest canine competition disc designed especially for dentally-obsessive canines. Hyperflite’s training products, Disc Dogs! e Complete Guide (350 pages, 500 color photos) and Disc Dog Training DVD (an hour-long instructional DVD) have introduced thousands to the health and exercise benefits of canine disc play. To learn more about canine disc play and competition, download Hyperflite’s free digital disc dog book at www.skyhoundz.com/discdogsrock.html

For more information about Hyperflite products or the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series, please visit www.hyper ite.com. E-mail contact: info@hyper ite.com.

NOTE: Hyperflite, the Hyperflite logo, Jawz, Jawz Pup, and Jawz Dèjá Flew, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hyperflite, Inc. Skyhoundz is a registered trademark of PRB & Associates. Contact Nancy Noel, Hyperflite/Skyhoundz at 770-751-3882.

660 Hembree Pkwy, Ste 110 Roswell, Georgia 30076 770-751-3882 tel/770-740-1665 fax www.hyper ite.com

Hyper ite Disc Take-Back Program

e Hyperflite Disc Take-Back Program (DTP) ensures that worn out Hyperflite canine discs won’t end up at the local land ll. Hyperflite customers are always welcome to return Hyperflite discs directly to Hyperflite’s corporate headquarters via the most resource-efficient method available to them. Alternatively, Hyperflite discs may be left with any Hyperflite Skyhoundz organizer at any Hyperflite Skyhoundz Regional or Open Quali er in order to minimize resource-intensive ground shipping. Our hosts will then employ Hyperflite’s volunteer network of “green mules” (those disc doggers who will be attending the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship) to return the discs to Hyperflite. In September, our green mules will converge on the site of the World Championship and deliver their discs to Hyper ite. e used discs will then be transported to our warehouse for recycling. Who knows, you may one day purchase a Hyper ite Deja Flew disc that was used, in another life, by a World Champion. Perhaps some of that good Karma will rub o on your canine!


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