What is a Misprint or Ugly disc?

Hyperflite sells, through our sister site, Skyhoundz, discs that are called misprints or uglies. These are discs that fail to meet Hyperflite’s rigorous quality assurance standards, meaning they may have imperfect hot-stamping logos or various and sundry internal flaws, different colors, minor surface blemishes/rippling, or discoloration that render them unsuitable for retail sale. 

Which disc is better for my dog: Hyperflite Standard or Hyperflite Z?

When we started Hyperflite, our goal was to design a disc that had an easy shape for dogs to catch, would fly and perform well, and be easy for people to grip. After months of rigorous testing and numerous prototypes, we can up with our standard shape. This model, in the regular size, and the

Peter Bloeme/Jeff Perry Biographies

Peter Bloeme Hyperflite co-founder, Peter Bloeme is director of the Skyhoundz Championships. In this role, he manages more than 100 Local Championships, 18 U.S. and International Qualifiers, a European Championship, and the World Championship. Bloeme’s career of tossing, skipping, bouncing, spinning, and twirling a plastic disc began when he finished third overall and first in

Disc Color Choice for Canine Disc Play

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Canines were once thought to be color blind, that is, that they could see only black and white and shades of gray. Canine eyes, like human eyes, contain within their retinas, certain light sensitive cells called cones

Chew on This! Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior Can be Ancient History

by Jeff Perry Most dogs, and especially athletic canines like border collies, Australian shepherds, labs and cattle dogs, require vigorous exercise. Shortchange an energetic canine in the exercise department and you just might bid farewell to anything from sheetrock to sofas. Being highly intelligent creatures, dogs have a knack for “communicating” to you via your

A Primer on Skyhoundz Judging Criteria

by Jeff Perry To gain insight into the manner in which Skyhoundz judges evaluate freestyle performances at Skyhoundz Regional and World Championship events it is useful to first review the Skyhoundz Guidelines. These Guidelines set forth the core standards or “framework” that Skyhoundz judges employ to score freestyle routines and consequently compare and contrast the