What is a Misprint or Ugly disc?

Hyperflite sells, through our sister site, Skyhoundz, discs that are called misprints or uglies. These are discs that fail to meet Hyperflite’s rigorous quality assurance

Peter Bloeme/Jeff Perry Biographies

Peter Bloeme Hyperflite co-founder, Peter Bloeme is director of the Skyhoundz Championships. In this role, he manages more than 100 Local Championships, 18 U.S. and

Disc Color Choice for Canine Disc Play

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Canines were once thought to be color

A Primer on Skyhoundz Judging Criteria

by Jeff Perry To gain insight into the manner in which Skyhoundz judges evaluate freestyle performances at Skyhoundz Regional and World Championship events it is

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